'Big Brother 12' Recap: For a House of Smarties, These Houseguests Are Dumb

Big Brother 12 houseguest Monet
Big Brother 12 houseguest Monet 
Is anybody else confused by the Big Brother 12 houseguests? In a house of doctors, scientists, geniuses, and whatever else, you'd think they'd be smarter.

How is it that so many of them have already forgotten they're playing a game?

Rachel's only motivation is Brendon; she even admitted to Julie that she'd pick Brendon over the Big Brother prize money. Kristen confronted Britney about a lie simply because she doesn't want people talking behind her back. Britney and Monet are crying all over the place at the mere possibility that Monet will go home. Rachel called a house meeting just to tell everyone that Matt is playing both sides. Is this really necessary?

Speaking of which, let's talk about that for a moment ...


I'm pretty sure that when Matt made the bold move of offering himself up as a pawn, he didn't realize he'd be dealing with such dumb players.

When Matt offered to be a pawn, he specifically said his only condition was that they wouldn't say he volunteered -- what did Rachel and Brendon think that meant? He all but told them that he'd deny it, so why were they so surprised?! Talk about overreacting.

Not that Matt's so smart himself. He didn't even tell The Brigade his whole plan until it started playing out. Hint: If you make a move to prove your loyalty, you may want your alliance to sign off first.

It didn't end up mattering because Monet went home, with a vote of 7 to 2.

The show ended with a joint HOH and Have/Have Nots competition, the first real endurance challenge of the summer. The last person standing on the surfboard is HOH, but the first five people to fall off are Haves for the week.

I'm hoping Ragan gets HOH, though Kathy would be okay too. I'm tired of Brendon and Rachel already. The Brigade needs some more time to sweat. Kristen winning means Hayden/The Brigade wins since he's clearly trying to use her to strengthen his spot. Britney as HOH would guarantee another week of emotional game-playing.

We'll have to wait until Sunday to see how it all plays out and who gets nominated.

Were you happy to see Monet go home? Who do you want to win HOH?


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