'SYTYCD' Top 6 Results Show: The Curse of Season 7 (To Be Continued)

billy bell

(Kitty) Cat Deeley nailed it when she called this season the "Battle of Survival." I love that woman -- all 10 feet of her. This season has become more of a self survival/preservation situation than anything.

For the third week in a row, injuries have plagued the show, making it anti-climactic. Unless the injured dancer actually gets their ass out on the dance floor and dances for their life, it's easy to assume who's going home. Phenom Billy Bell was hurt, but SYTYCD history was also made.


Billy was safe!

The judges couldn't agree and I have to say I'm thrilled with the results. I didn't want to see any of those three go home, especially under these circumstances. An injury taking out a contestant is something we as viewers can deal with once a season. But three? Oh hell no. That's just boring and poor television -- which perhaps led to their decision. Let's not forget that these shows are for profit -- they're not looking to bore the audience.

Well-played soulless network executives. Well-played indeed.

I was happy to see this trend brought to an end. All three of these kids were not ready to leave ... nor did they deserve to at this juncture.

Low-light of the night: Enrique Iglesias performs. Seriously? That's the best this show can do? I don't think so. Absent the mole, I barely even recognized this douche. Who did he know to get on last night's episode as a performer? That person should be fired. Twice. I'm sorry, but that guy makes me mental. He exudes an overabundance of self-confidence -- like he'd bang himself if he could. As far as this guy's concerned, nobody is sexier than him. And that makes me vomit in my mouth. Twice.

Highlight, but sad-light of the night: Having succumbed to ovarian cancer this past Saturday, July 17, 2010, Denise Jefferson was honored for her incredible dedication to dance and her massive contribution as the long-standing director of The Ailey School.

What did you think of the results?

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