'Big Brother 12' Recap: Mean Girls Get Personal, Meow Meow's Bad in Bed

Big Brother 12 houseguests Britney and Monet
Big Brother 12's Britney & Monet
The Big Brother 12 game is in full swing! One of the closest POV games, hilarious commentary by Britney & Monet, Matt's melorheostosis and his power move ... I hardly know where to start!

I'm almost sad Monet will be out this week. Who'll be there to insist people don't like her because they're jealous of her looks? Who'll sob when they're nominated as if it was never a possibility?

Oh, right, probably Britney. But I have confidence that with Monet out, she'll step it up and make an alliance with one of the floaters. Hard to pick one at the moment since she hates everyone, but she'll figure it out.

It's good to know that in a house full of people not focused on the game, there's one person who's definitely playing it right. Too bad that person is also claiming his wife has a rare bone disease she does not, in fact, have: melorheostosis. Oh, Matt, I wanted to like you.


Fake disease aside, Matt volunteering to be put up as a pawn was great. I'm not sure how much it proves his loyalty to The Brigade (who seem to think it was a dumb move), but it does earn the trust of at least a few extra people. Ragan's right that Big Brother history does not make this bode well for Matt, but I don't see people keeping Monet over him. Unless Andrew spills about his skepticism of this bone disease, he's safe.

The POV competition was the highlight of the night. They had to stand in the heat with their hands and head restrained for an hour. Whoever got the closest to an hour without going over won. I laughed out loud when I heard Enzo's plan: imagine he's driving to the Jersey Shore because the trip is about an hour. Who knew it would actually work? Well, almost.

Finishing with a time of 1 hour and 14 seconds, he lost to Britney. Then Meow Meow delivered the best line of the night:

Fourteen seconds, man. I came so close to winning the veto. That’s like one quickie with the wifey, man.

Um, I'm sorry Mrs. Meow Meow.

Will Rachel realize she's here to play a game, not to make Brendon happy? Will Britney see the irony in going after Rachel & Brendon for "getting personal"? Find out next time, on Big Brother 12.


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