'The Real World: New Orleans' Recap: Who Dat Peeing on My Toothbrush?

Ryan, just before rubbing Preston's cigarettes on his butt.











If episode 4 of Real World: New Orleans left a bad taste in your mouth, you (and Ryan) are not alone. Sure, there were some nice moments -- Eric and Sahar shared a kiss, Preston and Ashlee got a gig at a local radio station, and the entire city got to release a collective "who dat!" when the Saints clinched the Super Bowl -- but overall, the roommates put the dirty in "Dirty South" this week.


Among the most unhygienic moments was when Jemmye and Knight snuck away to host their own private Mardi Gras celebration on a bathroom bench. Well alright, the kids were having fun. Good for them. But what's the deal with this random, seedy apartment that the cast periodically visits to catch some beads? Not that The Beach looks like the bar at The Ritz-Carlton, but at least it's an established place of business. 

Next, we have McKenzie's cringe-inducing confession that she's gone back on "the pill" because she blacks out when she drinks. This is especially worrisome when you toss a guy like Dom into the equation. When McKenzie giggled to her friend on the phone about drunken nights and bruises on her legs, I wanted to cut in on three-way, like the big sister that I'm not, and remind these poor girls that herpes and hepatitis will not fade as quickly as those bruises. But the season is young ... they may learn their lesson yet. 

Of course the ultimate offense was the gross-out war between Ryan and Preston. Ryan rubbed Preston's cigarettes on his butt and Preston peed on Ryan's toothbrush. Remember the days when Puck's finger in a peanut butter jar was enough to ignite a yelling match? That was a much simpler world. 

Although I don't condone mixing urine and dental care, I can't help but root for Preston on this one. Between Ryan's ignorant comments, his unwillingness to help clean, and the amount of electricity he wastes by blow drying his feet, he really had it coming.

Plus, Preston was treated unfairly by the big guns at The Beach. His boy toy Maxwell was kicked out for being underage, but after the two guys shared a kiss, Preston wasn't allowed back in? What's up with that? And what did Ashlee really say to the bouncer to get him back in?

Did you watch The Real World this week? Would you have Preston's back? 


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