MTV Show 'If You Really Knew Me' Breaks Teen Social Boundaries

If You Really Knew MeMTV's new reality show If You Really Knew Me, which premiered last night, is in coordination with a social program called Challenge Day, in which trained leaders visit high schools and, in one intensive day, try to break down the cliques and emotional barriers that keep students from getting to know each other.


At the end of the day (episode), you have jocks hugging the gays, the Homecoming Queen crying with the school nerd -- I think it's fantastic. It puts everyone's issues out there, breaking down their defenses to unveil their hopes, their fears, and everything in between.

Now the question is, what happens once the professionals leave? Is it all bubbles and rainbows forever and ever or do the kids go back to their cliques? I'm guessing the latter ... I remember doing exercises similar to this at camps and it worked for about two days. But, even if they do return to their origins, at the very least, they have an understanding and appreciation about their peers they walk the halls with.

Did you watch the show? What do you think of this social program? Think it's a good idea for teens to partake in?


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