'Degrassi: The Boiling Point' Premieres With Shocking Storylines

DegrassiI've only seen a handful of episodes of the Canadian teen drama Degrassi, and even that was 10 years ago when my little sister had control of the remote. But if I remember correctly, back then the issues that surfaced consisted of breakups, falling in love, and (gasp) coming out of the closet.


But looking through the storylines of the more recent seasons: abortion, rape, STDs, crystal meth, and more. I know these issues are good for teens to learn about, but geezus -- how much drama can one group of kids get into?

And it doesn't look like the new season, which premiered last night on Teen Nick, is lightening up anytime soon, going into uncharted territory with a transgender character and an incestuous kiss shared between a brother and sister who were always (from what I've read) creepily close.

This puts the crises that I watched on 90210 to shame.

Do you or your teen watch Degrassi? What do you think of the issues that they're tackling?


Images via TeenNick.com

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