Danny Aguilar Is Suing Danielle Staub: Get in Line

Danielle StaubThe Real Housewives of New Jersey drama just keeps getting better and better ... or worse, if you're Danielle Staub, who just had a second lawsuit slapped on her. This one is from Danny Auguilar, an ex-con from her past who's reportedly demanding $100,000 she owes him.

"My money got her out of trouble with these drug dealers," Aguilar told RadarOnline.com. "They wanted her dead and I didn’t want them to kill her.  I paid for it.  We all got popped, everyone went to jail, and she snitched.”


The duo was arrested in the 1980s for extortion and intent to distribute cocaine. While Staub walked away with probation for testifying against Aguilar, he was sent to the federal penitentiary for 15 years.

No wonder he's a little bitter.

And just to clarify, this is NOT the same ex-con Danny who serves as Staub's bodyguard on the show. That's another ex-con from her past -- Danny Provenzano.

In other lawsuits-against-Danielle-Staub news, her ex-boyfriend Stephen Zalewski is suing her for defamation after comments she made about him making a secret sex tape of her.

"She was standing there talking with her friends about how Steve hid cameras and recorded her without her knowing," his attorney told E! News. "As a result he has people coming up to him in restaurants saying you are real scum bag for doing that."

Definitely not good for one's digestion.

The attorney told E! that "in reality," Staub "either made these tapes herself or knew she was being recorded."

Also in "reality," Staub is broke. So the chances of these guys getting a penny out of her are probably pretty poor. Maybe they're banking on the publicity ... like the rest of them. 

Do you think the lawsuits are just ploys for publicity from the men or will Danielle have to find a way to pay? 

Image via bravotv.com
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