'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Charges Filed, Foreclosure Denied, Crazy Continues

Danielle StaubThis week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey basked in the aftermath of the drama that went down last week, including the infamous hair-pulling incident

Danielle Staub, who is trying really hard (but failing) to appear sane and rational, took to the boxing ring. She wanted to hone her defense skills, since she fears for her life and all.

"It only takes one good smack to the head to make a person never walk again," she said.


Ever the busy bee, she also filed charges against Ashely, 19, for pulling her hair, just as we knew she would.

For her part, Teresa Giudice had no regrets about instigating the entire incident, but provided the best quotes of the night.

"When Danielle was yelling at me, I just wanted to bitch slap the bitch, but I know how sue happy she is, so it's best that I keep my hands to myself," she said.

"The only thing I regret is pushing Kim G. because she's an older woman, and I do respect the elderly."

Speaking of Kim G. -- who I hate to even mention because she's such a ridiculous addition to the show -- what a two-faced you-know-what! She's by Danielle's side one moment, then running over to Jacqueline to laugh about the play-by-play afterwards.

I actually feel sorry for her because she seems so desperate ... for something. Remember the pole dancing episode when she took to the pole? *SHUDDER*

But back to Teresa ... when she visited husband Joe's new pizzeria and accompanying apartment units, she refuted rumors that her home is in jeopardy due to financial problems.

“Danielle is telling everyone my house is under foreclosure and it’s not,” Teresa said. “I own a lot of properties in my name -- some good investments and some bad investments. The economy is bad.”

When Joe jokes that they'll have to move into one of the units, she laughs it off.

“Joe is totally kidding that I’m going to be living in one of those apartments. That’s never going to happen. I could never see myself living there,” she said.

Never say never, honey. If I may call you honey? ...

Did you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey this week? What did you think?

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