'Mad Men' Season 4 Spoilers (C'mon, Take a Quick Peek)!

Season Four of Mad MenLess than one more week until the Season 4 premiere of Mad Men on July 25. Pals of mine are complaining about all the spoilers circulating the web, but I can’t get enough of ‘em. I’ve collected as much as I could find here, so DO NOT READ if you hate spoilers.
But come on -- do you really think anything will diminish your joy upon seeing Don and the gang again?
Anyway, spoilers galore after the jump. Don’t click if you don’t want ‘em! (But you know you do!)


From TVGuide.com:

“Episode Synopsis: In the Season 4 opener, Don's reluctance to talk about himself jettisons a prestigious trade-paper interview that the company was hoping would be a boon to business. Meanwhile, the 'wholesome' manufacturer of two-piece swimsuits wants to hire the firm but doesn't want a sexy ad campaign; Pete and Peggy stage a stunt in an effort to secure more money from a meat-company client; and Roger plays Cupid for Don.”


From The New York Times:

-- The show skips ahead one year.

-- Betty is married to Henry Francis (bluch!), and his mom is very critical of her.

-- Don is living in the West Village but is no longer the lothario he once was. He gets fixed up on blind dates.

-- There’s some kind of kooky stunt that, apparently, Peggy and Pete embark upon to woo a new client.


From Entertainment Weekly (print-only):

-- There’s some kind of PR disaster, and Don has to “put on a show” for a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.

-- Don and Betty’s daughter, Sally, figures large in this episode. Everyone says she’s just getting odder and odder, but only EW hints that she’s “one year closer to a raging eating disorder."


From Showbiz411:

-- Don is actually even paying for sex sometimes!

-- It’s Roger Sterling who fixes him up on the blind date, with a friend of his wife’s. (Remember: His wife used to be Don’s secretary, so I can’t even imagine how embarrassing that’d be …)

-- The new office is in the Time Life building.

-- Peggy has a new office pal. They keep referencing a comedy routine called “John and Marsha,” by Stan Freberg.

Got spoilers of your own? Can't wait to see the show? What are you most looking forward to?


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