Jeremy London, Rachel Uchitel ... New 'Celebrity Rehab' Is Going to Be the Best Ever!

rachel uchitel
Rachel Uchitel
Confession time: Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is one of my favorite shows on TV. In fact, in those rare instances when a Rehab marathon airs, I've been known to disappear from society completely, emerging only when the credits are rolling.

Ordinarily, I beg to differ with who the producers tell us is a "celebrity." Honestly, most of these folks I've never seen before in my life. But the way the new season is shaping up -- with the likes of Jeremy London and Tiger Woods' mistress, Rachel Uchitel, booked to appear -- it looks like Season 4 will really and truly be star-studded this time around.

And that's not all ...


It's no wonder London is heading to rehab especially after his recent sketchy shenanigans involving an alleged kidnapping. Soon after, he and his wife, Melissa, lost custody of their 3-year-old. (She is rumored to be receiving treatment for drug addiction, too.)

And, Uchitel is supposedly be rehabilitated for her addiction to pills.

Other cast members include former model and America's Top Model judge Janice Dickinson; former teen idol Leif Garrett; and former The Hills star Jason Wahler.

And in true Rehab fashion, two other cast members are less than familiar to the general public: Frankie Lons (mother of pop star Keyshia Cole) and Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis. See? No clue.

Do you have an addiction to Celebrity Rehab? Who do you think should go on it?


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