'Big Brother 12' Recap: Meow Meow's Brigade Throws Some Grenades

Big Brother 12 houseguests Rachel and Brendon
Big Brother 12 showmance, Rachel & Brendon
Is it just me, or are the Big Brother 12 houseguests not so great at this game? For me, that was the running theme last night:

  • Andrew was so ecstatic when Rachel won HOH, you'd think he won. This made him a target for The Brigade, Rachel & Brendon, and everyone who doesn't like Rachel. Basically, the whole house.
  • Britney's too busy hating the houseguests to focus on her game, and for some reason thinks everyone's after her.
  • Matt puts on a huge show of fake paranoia so he won't be nominated, but doing so almost gets him on the block.
  • Rachel cares more about spending time with Brendon than playing the game.

Seriously, you'd think these people have never watched the show.

But you know what made this a great episode?


Kristen finally spoke! She only spoke to Hayden, but still!

It turns out that Hayden and Kristen have a showmance blooming. He tries hard to make sure Rachel doesn't nominate her, going so far as to make a fake final four alliance with Rachel and Brendon. Why Rachel and Brendon would believe it when Kristen isn't even in the room to agree to it, I don't know, but it's a done deal at any rate. Gotta love those fake alliances. I wonder how long until Rachel and Brendon realize they shouldn't trust Hayden.

Another great moment came when they revealed Annie as the saboteur. The entire house was happy, giving themselves a huge pat on the back as if they had actually suspected her and voted her off for that reason. I was surprised Enzo didn't use his phrase of choice for the night: "The Brigade threw a grenade." Meow Meow sure has a way with words, I tell you.

The episode ends with Britney and Monet nominated for eviction. They appear a bit surprised, despite the fact that they hate Rachel and Rachel hates them. I would have felt bad for them except I was too busy laughing at how much they were crying.

How do you feel the game is going? Who do you want out of the house?


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