'Entourage' Recap: Vince Looks Hot on a Motorcycle and Ari Gets Hotter Under the Collar

vinnie chase entourage adrian grenierIn this week's Entourage, Vince and his George Clooney-hairdo get a new motorbike, Drama considers comedy, Turtle is having cash flow problems, and Eric has dinner with Sloan. But it's Ari's home front situation that really sizzles up the screen.

Culprit? Lizzie Grant, the super-agent in training who had an affair with Ari's best friend and head of the television department Andrew Klein. She's smart, sexy, and -- in true Entourage fashion -- looks phenomenal in a power suit. She's on track to becoming this season's double threat.


When we left off last episode, Mrs. Ari walked in on Mr. Ari and Lizzie engaging in a victory twirl of the sort only seen on Dancing With the Stars. They were celebrating Ari's newfound pot of gold, bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles.

The Mrs. is still pissed.

She doesn't like "that woman" one bit and why would she? She'd struck up a friendship with Klein's wife, Marlo, last season. Plus, she tore Ari a new you-know-what when she found out he'd been keeping his knowledge of Andrew's extramarital inter-office activities a secret. Yes, Ari was certainly caught between a rock and a hard place -- that is, between the wrath of her bejeweled knuckles and the unbending rules of bro-code. 

What was interesting about that whole sordid affair, though, was that it gave viewers a peek into the surprisingly loving and loyal home life of Ari Gold. I'm not sure when the series decided that Ari was such a family man, but watching him interact with his wife and kids is like watching a PSA from the American Family Coalition (with a bunch of f*&$ing expletives).

I'm beginning to wonder, though, if the Lizzie Grant character has stuck around to threaten the sanctity of Ari's marriage.

On the other hand, Lizzie might very well be a threat to Ari's business. He knows she's going to be a star. Babs, co-owner of the agency, knows she's going to be a superstar. Lizzie, in her own mind, is already a star. In other words, everyone knows she's got the balls to make it as a super-agent; Ari's just a little too aware that she's got boobs, too.

When she asks to take over Andrew's position -- and rightfully so -- Ari shuts her down with an outright no, citing Andrew's "fatherless children" as a reason. She threatens to leave the agency. Ari thinks he's called her bluff. He's wrong.

We end the episode with Ari telling his wife that the seductress has quit her job. Problem solved. For now. Just don't be surprised if she starts siphoning off some of Ari's biggest TV clients, including Aaron Sorkin, when she moves on to her next big gig.

The moral of this week's story is this: If I was Mrs. Gold, I wouldn't be too happy about Lizzie Grant twirling around the office with my husband either. But I would be even more unhappy (and suspicious) if he denied her a promotion she so clearly deserved because of an office affair. 

Ari is definitely treading in some very murky waters, professionally, personally ... and morally.

What do you think? Kind of seems like workplace discrimination to me. 


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