'Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami' Recap: Kim's CrackBerry Addiction

Kim KardashianOn Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami this week, sister Kim Kardashian headed south to help out Kourtney with DASH and her new baby, Mason, since Khloe stormed off home to Lamar on last week's episode. 

"At least I have one good sister," Kourtney said.

But with her BlackBerry strapped to her hand at all times, Kim was just one big buzz kill when it came to all the plans Kourtney had for the sisters to bond.


Finally fed up, Kourtney stole Kim's phone and computer, which led to at least a few hours for the two to go to the spa, badmouth Khloe and play with Mason together uninterrupted.

But when Kim found her phone again, the fun was done.

While having lunch, Kim was so immersed in her phone that she didn't even notice Kourtney getting up and leaving her stranded at the restaurant.

The two had it out, then finally reconciled. Kim made a mea culpa by taking Kourtney up in a seaplane -- something she'd said earlier that she wanted to do.

"Who knew that Kim was actually listening to me to plan this little seaplane adventure?" Kourtney marvels.

"Kourtney forcing me to disconnect from the outside world really showed me how much I missed our connection," Kim said.

Awwww ... I just love these little Kardashian lessons.  

And oh yeah, if anyone can tell me what it was Scott was doing when Kim first arrived at their apartment, I'd really like to know ... I think.

Do you know anyone as addicted to their cell phone as Kim Kardashian? How do you deal?

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