'Jersey Shore' Cast on Strike? Say It Isn't So!

Jersey ShoreThe future of Jersey Shore may be in jeopardy because of a squabble over contract negotiations. TMZ is reporting that Snooki and much of the rest of the cast are refusing to shoot any more of Season 3 until they get more of what they want.

"Sources close to the show tells TMZ the cast feels they can make more money doing appearances for two months, rather than filming the show," the site states.


The only cast member who reportedly hasn't voiced his intention to strike is Mike Sorrentino, aka, "The Situation". Whether the cast's unhappiness stems from his new and recently leaked contract is unclear.

Earlier today TMZ reported the details of his confidential contract they had acquired. It offered him a large ratings-based bonus of up to $180,000 for Season 2. MTV reportedly is trying to sign him on for Season 4.

No word as to if the rest of the cast was offered the same or less, but given news of the strike, one has to wonder if some disparity in earnings might not be the source. Or perhaps their heads, even without the pouf, are getting a little too large?

All I know is they better figure it out, because I've grown quite fond of the whole messy bunch. Of course, fortunately (or not so so fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I'm sure MTV wouldn't have much trouble finding another bunch of young, drunk, horny guidos and guidettes.

Are you a fan of Jersey Shore?


Image via mtv.com

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