'SYTYCD' Top 7 Results: Another (Injury) Bites the Dust

Last night's results episode of So You Think You Can Dance was in no way surprising. Sadly, it was the second week in a row that an injured contestant was sent packing. This week, Ashley Galvan was sent home after an injury earlier in the week left her unable to dance. It was totally anti-climactic.

The only thing that I personally found surprising was the appearance of Billy Bell in the bottom three. Not because I love him all that much, because honestly he bores the crap out of me, and that sh*t-eating-grin of his has got to go.


Truthfully, he's always been a judge favorite and clearly a well trained dancer. Yet for some reason, America didn't connect with him last night. I think Robert stole the show with his Travis Wall choreographed performance. I'm not even the hugest Robert fan, but the dance, choreography, and emotion involved in the piece undoubtedly launched him into the hearts of America -- a place he so desperately needed to be.

Kudos to Robert -- although if I were him, I'd be thanking Travis for the most kick ass choreography you'll ever come across this season. I think it's safe to say the rest is in his hands.

Highlight of the night:

Twitch and Comfort performing their Hip-Hip routine choreographed by Dave Scott during their reign in 2008 to Chris Brown's "Forever." (Keep in mind, this was performed before the girlfriend-beating side of Chris became public).

So? Any opinions?

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