'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Has Hair Extensions & Really Dark Roots

ali fedowtowsky bachelorette hairOne of the things my husband has commented on when he is forced to watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights with me is that he doesn't like Ali's hair extensions.

Odd that he noticed, but shows that some guys do take note of those things -- things we think will make us look hot and sexy and guys are just turned off by.

I told him that it's her really dark roots that bother me. Good thing my husband and I aren't vying for Ali's love. We'd get into an argument and nitpick at her hair.

I can't help but wonder why a colorist hasn't come to her rescue? Why are my eyes drawn directly to that black line to the left of center on the top of her head? Are roots acceptable on The Bachelorette (along with guys who have girlfriends)? Or will we just see more of a transformation on the "after the final rose" show?

But wait! There was a time Ali didn't have such prominent roots!


ali the bachelorette

Much better, right? I would think there are stylists and hair and makeup people on the set making Ali look all cute, primping and offering her different dresses to wear on the nights she gets to send a whimpering man off in a limo to face the reality that he wasn't picked. So why the dark roots?

Maybe they are trying to stay "real" and let her go it alone, roots and all, letting her fight it out with the straight iron trying to get pin-straight locks that are often only achieved by a good blow out by a professional. You know, like she would have to in real life. Just like if she was dating a dude with a girlfriend in real life she would have to find out on her own ... not from Chris Harrison and a former Bachelor contestant who just so happens to be friends with the girl who is dating one of Ali's suitors. (Hello, fishy fishy!)

On the show, Ali isn't always little miss perfectly coiffed and I like that. Remember the episode with the rain and her hair was a mess? Or maybe the episode when she was sick? Or the beach one? See? Lots of times Ali looks like a regular gal who's hair and makeup is often funked up by the weather or inability to tame the frizzes. Dare I say, I think those are the times she looks the prettiest.

But Ali gets her hair done sometimes. Just like the rest of us. These photos were taken at Gavert Atelier's Beverly Hills salon just this past Tuesday. BooBoo Steward gave her these extensions. I think they look amazing!

Perhaps Ali's a bit more tan. Too much time in Tahiti? It makes her pastel pink lip color a little too Barbie pink. Maybe she should try a nude with a hint of gloss and lay off the Lindsay Lohan tanner. And yes, a little lightening of the roots would be good, too.

ali bachelorette hair extensions

What do you think of Ali's hair? Do you think her roots need a touch up?


Images (top tp bottom) Paul Andrew Dunker/Gavert Atelier; Facebook/The Bachelorette; Paul Andrew Dunker/Gavert Atelier

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