‘The Real World: New Orleans’ Recap: Jemmye Gets It Done

jemmye real world new orleansWhile the fight for Jemmye's white boy v-card was the most anticipated hookup on Episode 3 of Real World New Orleans, she and Knight weren't the only roommates to get a little beneath-the-sheets action. Before getting busy with "Big Thang," Preston took home ... oh what's his name? Oh yeah, Maxwell. Then, Ryan put down his hair dryer long enough to mack on McKenzie's friend, Suze, much to McKenzie's disappointment. It looks like he swapped his purity ring for Mardi Gras beads this week.


 So was Jemmye's white Knight worth it? They flashed the camera two thumbs up and Knight took a victory lap by hanging Jemmye's pink bra from a houseplant. And yet, despite all the great romances that began with a bet and a series of tallies on poster board, I suspect this pairing will have its challenges. Let's not forget that photo of her guy back home that Jemmye still keeps next to her bed, as well as her drunken antics earlier in the episode ("I want Kniiiiight!"). Plus, that was before the v-card exchange and we all know that throwing a white boy v-card into the mix only complicates things. If he's not careful, Knight could be spending even more time hiding in the shower.

If a "dip of the Knight stick" truly does make a woman fall in love, Jemmye's not letting on. She explained, "There's no emotion involved; there's no cuddling afterwards. We just kinda get it done and get back to life." But can these two really get back to life? Hmmm...a few phrases come to mind:

"Don't Sh*t on your own doorstep."

"Don't get your meat where you eat."

"Don't buy your candy where you buy your groceries."

"Don't be sick in your own hat" (OK, that one's a stretch).

I'm not the only one who's worried about Jemmye and her "little homie." Just ask Ashlee, who closed out the episode with the ominous suggestion that "problems are on the horizon."

Did you watch The Real World this week? Do you think Jemmye and Knight are headed for trouble?


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