'SYTYCD' Top 7: A Night for Mamma (Mia)

Every season there is one dance that stands out amongst the rest. Something happens in the dance universe and choreographer, dancer and music producer come together to create something that brings the audience to its knees and the judges to tears. Last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance was no exception.



Season 8 contestant Robert and All-Star Allison danced a Travis Wall routine to Coldplay's "Fix You." The minute I saw the name of the song all I could think was, "oh crap -- no matter what this sh*t is about -- I'm about to cry." And as usual, I was right. Robert and go-to contemporary girl Allison danced a piece that was a heart stopping, game ending performance. Everyone in the room was choked up -- including the dancers, Travis, the judges and especially Robert's mother.

The theme behind the dance was a young man helping his ill mother.

Travis Wall choreographed this for his sick mother -- the woman who taught him how to dance and who nurtured his career. The silent emotion he displayed was palpable. I can't even make fun of these dudes -- I am openly, self-professing my gayness and saying I enjoyed it -- and I even shed a tear.

Sue me. This sh*t's emotional.  

Needless to say Mia was choking on her tears as she tried to speak. Having recently lost her mother, this piece was a guaranteed shot-through-the-heart for her. I love Mia and I have to say my heart was heavy for her after this performance. I don't think anyone who watched Neil Haskell and Lacey Schwimmer dance to "Flowers," in Season 3 -- a piece she choreographed and dedicated to her late father -- could watch tonight's performance and not recall that dance.

Adam called the routine, "one of the best performances of the season," as well as saying "Travis, if you don't get an Emmy nod, there is no God."

What did you think of the dances tonight? Am I the only one who doesn't have any love for Ade'chike'? The kid does nothing for me.

Weigh in people! I want some opinions.


Image via Fox

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