'Big Brother 12' Recap: Meow Meow's Claws Come Out

Big Brother 12 houseguests
Big Brother 12 houseguests
Big Brother 12
is already getting good, and it's only the third episode!

One thing I love about Big Brother - LOVE - is when people are completely wrong. We're starting early with Enzo, Mr. Meow Meow himself, convincing everyone that Brendon, Rachel and Annie are in a threeway alliance. Then Annie thinks Britney made up the rumor and is spreading lies about her. How wrong they are.


Another thing I love is when somebody other than the HOH is behind the HOH decisions. Enzo has Hayden under some sort of spell and accepts his theories and strategies without second-guessing, even if they make no sense. Love it!

While Enzo's busy controlling Hayden, Brendon's playing a great game of his own. He's got Rachel wrapped around his finger just days into the competition, even offering to use the POV on him if she wins! And when charged with breaking piñatas filled with spoiled mayo, taking out letters to spell the longest word, Brendon wins the Power of Veto.

Poor, clueless Annie takes his place on the nomination block.

But Britney's worrying me. By telling Annie that The Brigade was going to put her up because of her alleged alliance, she put a huge target on her back. Is she the saboteur or just plain awful at this game?

Whoever the saboteur is, he or she struck again last night, revealing that two houseguests are actually lifelong friends. (A small gasp might have escaped from me at that moment...) Big Brother never lets me down.

Can't wait until tomorrow when we find out who's really the saboteur -- I'm still betting on Brendon!

Do you like how the competition's going? What were your favorite moments?


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