'The Hills' Finale: So It Was All a Sham?

Lauren ConradJust as I was about to start typing that The Hills finale was the lamest finale of all finales ...

There stood Brody Jenner waving goodbye to a Europe-bound Kristin Cavallari, with the Hollywood sign behind him. Suddenly the sign started moving, and it was rolled away by crew members, revealing a production set behind him.

Brody started clapping and music was cued: "The rest is still unwritten ... "  

MTV's not-so-subtle way of telling us that everything we've seen for the past four years wasn't real?


Quickly, my opinion changed: It may actually have been the best finale ever. What an ending!

We'd all suspected and theorized that the show was scripted, that parts of it were made up or forced. But the truth is, most of us didn't want to believe it. We wanted to believe that people behaved, lived, and loved like this ... and MTV let us.

Only parts of it were real, had to be real, right? There's no way they could have faked Heidi's fake boobs. The world would certainly be a better place if the drama of Speidi was merely a fabrication, but it's just too deep.

So where does that leave us? Right back where we were in the quasi-real world? Which, for good or bad, is where many Americans live anyway.  

I don't know whether to feel duped or devoted to MTV producer Adam DiVello for his provocative, if not genius, ending, but I can tell you that it will certainly make us question even more the reality of reality shows.

What did you think of the finale of The Hills?

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