'The Bachelorette' Recap: Could It Have Been the Creepy Animals in the Basement?

Ali FedotowskyIt was hometown dates this week on The Bachelorette as Ali Fedotowsky traveled to meet the families of each of the four remaining guys.

I both love and dread the hometown dates each season. It's great to see where the people come from, but I also feel so nervous for their families and imagine all the stress of the mothers, in particular, over getting their homes ready, figuring out what to serve for dinner, and letting America see their family in action.


Roberto was up first and showed off his baseball skills. He took Ali to a field in his hometown of Tampa where he donned a uniform, gave her a shirt with his number, and pulled out his baseball card. It was sweet, and there's a clear attraction between them.

"Roberto, you're smokin' hot!" she told him.

His family seemed to like her well enough, though his father wondered how she would support him and his career if she wanted one of her own. She tried to talk the whole teamwork thing, but Roberto's traditional father didn't seem 100 percent convinced.

I cringed for Kirk, when his father took Ali into his basement full of dead animals. He's a taxidermist, so it was legit, but it was one of the creepiest things you could ever imagine encountering in a basement. Ali was clearly freaked out. 

The rest of their date was fine, but there was about as much spark between them as there was life left in the animals hanging on Kirk's dad's walls.

Chris's home on Cape Cod was lovely as was his family, who has grown incredibly close through the death of his mother. Ali fit in and had more chemistry with Chris than ever, but still not that much.

Then there was Frank. Oh Frank, my favorite from the beginning, is making me nervous with all of his nervousness.

Why is he so nervous when Ali so clearly likes him so much? After his behavior this week, I'm starting to prepare myself for an awful revelation next week in Tahiti.

I've tried to avoid reading, or at least believing, all the rumors that Frank has a girlfriend, but even if I hadn't ever heard any mention of them, tonight I would have suspected it based on his behavior. There are also the previews for next week that showed him telling Ali in Tahiti, "We need to talk."

And there they sat with Frank's charming family during his hometown visit (which Ali purposely saved for last ... as the best?). Did his family know about this other woman while Ali was there?

Maybe the rumors are wrong. Maybe Frank is just getting cold feet, and he'll work through them and they'll live happily ever after. But after holding out a lot of hope that rumors were wrong, I think my hopes were wrong, and Frank may be another slimy one like Justin.

When Chris Harrison asked Ali if her husband is among the men here, she avoided the question, saying, "I feel scared."  Though she did go on to say she feels stronger about a couple of them than she did about Jake when she was ready to accept his proposal.

Whether it was the animals or not, it was clear Kirk and Ail weren't mean to be, and he was sent home in the end leaving the final three standing and ready to take off to Tahiti next week.

Did you watch The Bachelorette? Who do you think Ali will end up with?


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