'The Hills' Finale: 5 Former Cast Members We Wish Would Return

jason wahler the hills
Remember this guy?
Of course, fans are betting that the girl who started it all -- Lauren Conrad -- shows up for tomorrow night's finale of The Hills. But, in fact, there are several familiar faces from the past that we wouldn't mind seeing as well. Here are five former cast members from The Hills I'm hoping grace us with a cameo before the credits roll.


Jason Wahler

Long before Justin Bobby, The Hills had another mysterious bad-boy who (somehow?) managed to woo all the ladies -- including our heroine, L.C. -- if only to leave them broken-hearted down the road. Unfortunately, Jason currently occupies his time with Celebrity Rehab and getting arrested for hitting a female at a party, so most likely he won't be joining us for the series finale.

Stephen Colletti

OK, so technically he was on Laguna Beach and not The Hills, but the cute boy at the middle of the legendary Conrad-Kristin Cavallari rivalry is still fair game in my book. (Did he remind anyone else of their high school crush or is it just me?) Perhaps Colletti can take time off from his acting career -- yes, that was him on One Tree Hill -- to make it back for the finale. Hey, it could happen.

Jen Bunney

Of course, L.C.'s frenemy Jen Bunney will return for the finale -- how else will they promote her new reality show with Heidi Montag?

Jordan Eubanks

I first knew Heidi had a screw loose when she dumped her Season 1 boyfriend, Jordan, for Spencer Pratt. Jordan is pretty much the cutest boy ever, and Spencer makes me want to spoon my eyes out. Not to mention the fact that Jordan gave Heidi a puppy, and we all know puppies=true love. Bring back Jordan!

Jayde Nicole

The fact that Brody Jenner dated Playboy Playmate and Canadian model Jayde was pretty much the only interesting thing about him. Their constant fighting and drama added a little life to the, ahem, boring story-lines. Rumor is Jayde is working on her own reality show for E! Hey, now that The Hills is ending, I need something to add to my DVR ...

Which former cast members from The Hills do you hope show up for the finale?


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