Regis and Kelly Make Prince Edward Island Hot

Regis and Kelly in Prince Edward IslandScrew the Hamptons, South Beach, or Gulf Shores for your summer vacay ... Prince Edward Island is the hot new travel place to check out, all thanks to Regis and Kelly.


Live! With Regis and Kelly is being hosted from Confederation Landing Park in historic Charlottetown this week in hopes of bringing in more of a Canadian viewership for Live! and increasing P.E.I.'s tourism. But it's coming at a cost -- $1 million to be exact, which is a fifth of the province's tourism budget.

Is it worth it? Well, just after one show, Prince Edward Island has become a top search term on Google, and considering that Regis and Kelly spent basically the entire show boasting on the hospitality, the food, the beaches, etc., I'd say that they have a good shot at coming out, at the very least, even on their investment.

Fans waited from 8:30 p.m. last night in hopes of getting a seat for the first of four shows, and they went crazy as the duo was ushered in by mounties.

Isn't it amazing the power that celebrities have? Just because they're taping four shows on this island, Regis and Kelly may single-handedly boost its entire economy. Crazy!

Would you vacation somewhere just because a celebrity endorses it?


Image from Live! With Regis and Kelly

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