'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Beginning of a Beautiful ... Brigade?

Big Brother contestant Brendon
Big Brother contestant, Brendon
Last night's episode of Big Brother 12 gave us a peek at what may end up being the shortest showmance in show history. It also gave us the season's first Haves & Have Nots competition, and first nomination ceremony.

The episode started where we left off last time, with everyone trying to figure out who the saboteur is. Soon, the houseguests move up to see Hayden's HOH room, which is wholly unimpressive.

Then things really get started, at least for Brendon and Rachel. It seems that Rachel's plan to keep quiet about being a chemist went out the window when it turned out that Brendon is really into science chicks.


Too bad for them that Hayden noticed them cozying up to each other. He already wanted to put Brendon up and now wants to kill this potential alliance before it develops.

Hayden wastes no time getting into an alliance of his own, though. Enzo proposes that HOH Hayden, genius Matt, and quietest guy ever Lane form an alliance, naming it "The Brigade." He insists they all need nicknames -- because that's how it's done in Jersey -- so he gives them obvious/weird nicknames and dubs himself "Meow Meow." Oooookay.

Soon, it's time for the Haves & Have Nots competition. They must crawl through caramel, search for a tooth cut-out in a popcorn pit, crawl back, and insert the tooth into a giant smile. Britney barely makes it out, but it's Kathy who gets stuck in caramel for what seems like an eternity, causing her team to lose. In addition to eating slop and taking cold showers, the Have Nots sleep in a bedroom with lawn chairs for beds and jars of maggots all around. I'm grossed out just thinking about it ...

The saboteur targets Britney and Kathy, putting an X over their faces for no reason whatsoever. I'm sorry, but is this the stupidest "sabotage" ever or what? And then leaving a "Trust No One" type of message for the houseguests? I mean, you've gotta do better than that, Mr./Mrs. Saboteur. Release the maggots in the Have Nots room or throw all the food in the pool or something. Get creative!

So who's the saboteur? I still think it's Brendon. A bunch of the houseguests decide that it must be a woman, someone they would never suspect. If that's the case, I'm going with Kristen, who I didn't even remember was in the house until the nomination ceremony.

Speaking of which, Hayden sticks to his word and nominates Brendon and Rachel for eviction. At least he's predictable.

What did you think of the episode? Who are your favorite houseguests so far?

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