'True Blood': Long Live the King

Eric and Lafayette on True BloodThe Season 3, Episode 4 of True Blood was every bit as twisted and deranged as last week's fang-banging episode. Instead of attempting the impossible task of explaining what the hell went on in this episode, I thought I would just highlight some interesting moments and realizations and see what you guys have to say:

**Spoiler Alert.**

Best line of the night, after being told over the phone by Bill that he is no longer interested in a relationship with Sookie, she replies, "Shut the f*ck up!" I laughed out loud. It was brilliant.


What is Eric's connection to Pam? Clearly, he cares for her. I also wondered what The Magister was referring to when he said something along the lines of there being no worse pain than losing a child. Did Eric "make" Pam?

Eric saving Lafayette's ass and then saying, "Let's go RuPaul." Hilarious. Their relationship is pure entertainment.

Sookie responds to Abside, I mean Alcide, after he told her relationships turn around and kick you in the nut-sack, "but I don't have a nut-sack." Thank you for that one. I'm still laughing.

Tara is quickly becoming the Kelly Taylor of True Blood. What isn't going to happen to this girl?

The title of the episode was "9 Crimes," which happens to be one of my favorite Damien Rice songs, which also played at the end of the show -- only it wasn't Damien Rice's version. I did enjoy it, but Rice does it better. Oddly, this song debuted in Shrek the Third. So out of place. But I digress. It was the perfect ending to an episode full of crimes, betrayal, and treason.

Best reveal of the night: Think back to the scene in a recent episode where Eric and Godrick were soldiers in WWII and they come across a werewolf woman who tells them that someone, "one of their own," is supplying werewolves with V. Tonight it was confirmed that King Russell is indeed that guy.

If we learned anything from tonight's episode, it's the following: Everyone is either lying, hiding something, a werewolf, a vampire, a werewolf that drinks vampire blood, a vampire that feeds werewolves his blood, a King, a Queen (as in an actual queen and a gay one), and lastly -- that crazy werewolf bitches addicted to V get branded. Hey -- I don't make this shit up, I just bring it to you live.

Question of the day -- is it me, or does anyone else out there wish they would change the opening of the show? All I can say is thank you DVR! I can't fast-forward through that disturbing intro fast enough.

Congrats to the entire cast and crew for the 5 Emmy nods True Blood received this week. Well deserved! 


Photo by True Blood/HBO

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