'Entourage' Recap: Vinnie Chase Pulls a Britney

vinnie chase entourageIn Season 7, Episode 2 of Entourage, Vinnie Chase reminds us yet again why stars would be lost but for their entourage. But we already knew that. Seven seasons into the series, the script is familiar by now. What is not familiar, however, is Vince’s new look and rebellious spirit. In a refreshing change of pace, he didn’t rely on his boys for direction; instead he took the razor by the extension cord and chopped off Adrian Grenier’s luscious locks. For shame!


As his publicist Shauna Roberts puts it, she thought he “was Samantha Ronson from behind.”

Too bad nobody cut the mike when he told the always-sweet Maria Menounos (who took a surprisingly bitchy turn a few beats later) that his Cassavetes flick would “probably end up sucking.”

He was making a joke. Note to Eric: Your boy should never do comedy. Although after last week’s episode, when he crashed his car in a stunt scene for his new flick, he’s ready to take it all on. And by all, I mean everything from skydiving to ticking off the organ donation box on his newly acquired driver’s license. Wild.

In the meantime, Johnny is still knee-deep in his drama though his unemployment crisis added a momentarily sobering tone to the usual gloss. You’ve got to admire Johnny. He takes his punches and still believes he’s a contender.  

Turtle continues his lucky streak, carried over from his Season 6 love affair with Jamie-Lynn Sigler from The Sopranos. Nowadays, he’s got a bevy of busty girls working for his car service and one particularly attractive one who -- surprise, surprise -- gets confused when she drives. Naturally, this is Turtle’s new love interest. Expect some cat-and-mouse as the season progresses.

But the love story that always intrigues is not Eric and Sloane’s, but Mr. and Mrs. Ari Gold. I can’t get enough of delving into the marital dynamics of these two. She’s a very comfortably kept wife who wants nothing more than for her husband to drop his multimillion-dollar super-agent suit to shop for a $2,000 chandelier in the Valley on a weekday afternoon. It’s a familiar conundrum.

Dear Mrs. Ari, please find something to do with your time. I’m not trying to diss you. In fact, I really like you. I just think you’d benefit from a productive hobby. Perhaps this is a plea better saved for the screenwriters: Please write a charitable foundation or job into her life. She’s such an awesome, tough, and bold character. She deserves more than the disappointment card she’s dealt season in and out.

What do you think? Isn’t it time for the folks over at HBO to give Mrs. Ari more to chew on?
Ah well …

Ari and his golden touch, meanwhile, are trying to rein in a deal with the Dallas Cowboys. With some unexpected help from agent Lizzie Grant, who infamously “fucked [former TV department head] Andrew into rehab,” he just might make it happen.


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