'Kate Plus 8' Recap: The Case of the Hen-Pecked Rooster

Don't get too excited, Jon Gosselin didn't make an appearance, but there was some hen pecking on this week's back-to-back episodes of Kate Plus 8

Kate Gosselin added up the cost of buying organic eggs each week, and decided she'd just raise them herself.

"I said that's it, we're getting chickens," she said.

And so they did. The children were thrilled, and it seemed to be a great family bonding experience and lesson in working together. She even planned to use the chickens as a discipline tool, saying that those who misbehave will be made to scoop the poop.


But for all the fun of collecting eggs and taking up water in the nice summer weather, I wonder how thrilled they're going to be to make that trek in the dead of winter. Hmmm?

As they prepared for their all-egg meal (egg salad, deviled eggs and egg custard for dessert), they found the rooster of the bunch bloody and battered. He had literally been hen pecked.

The irony wasn't lost on Kate.

"The poor thing was hen pecked ," she said. "They were just relentlessly picking on him and I just needed to get him out of there so he could have some peace, the poor thing. ... There's possibly some irony. We've got issues with roosters."

That was more humor than she found when the water filtration man who told her changing the filters herself would be easier than dancing, even adding an awkward little shake of his hips.

"Well yeah, I can't dance so don't make comparisons like that," she responded, visibly annoyed at his reference to her stint on Dancing With The Stars.

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