'The Hills' Top Five Craziest Moments

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It's the end of an era. The Hills wraps its six-season run tonight with a finale that's sure to be a heady mix of drama and trauma -- complete with some soulful good-byes. (Like Kristin and Brody's not-so-unexpected split.)

So we thought we'd count down the five craziest moments the show has offered up in its six scandalous seasons. Check out our rundown and see if your favorites made the list!



Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag on the HillsLauren Conrad and Heidi Montag were roomies and BFFs -- until Spencer Pratt came along and started rumors that Lauren and ex-beau Jason Wahler made a sex tape, which brought the friendship to a screeching halt. Still, Heidi pulled out all the stops to get Lauren to come to her wedding with Spencer -- going as far as to crash her former pal's birthday party. In the end, Lauren pulled through for her ex-BFF despite her misgivings about Spencer and showed up on the big day. Too bad the girls aren't close anymore. Betcha Lauren's dying to serve up a cool and composed "I told you so."


Justin Bobby and Audrina Patridge on the HillsKristin Cavallari sure knows how to bring the drama. In her first episode (in Season 5), she nearly came to blows with the frequently meek Audrina Patridge over the apparently uber-hot (though I still don't see it) Justin Bobby at a party, where she announced, "Oh, it's f*cking on b*tch." The moment is especially outstanding in retrospect, given that the girls have since bonded -- and thoughtful pal Kristin invited their bad boy ex to Audrina's birthday bash as a present, hoping Audrina and JB would re-connect. So sweet, really.


Spencer Pratt on the HillsWe all knew that the union between Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag was doomed from the start, but never was that more clear than when the pair started scheming against each other when the matter of having kids came to a head. Heidi ditched her birth control pills without bothering to tell her husband, who, in retaliation, decided to go to the chop doc and inquire about getting a vasectomy. Ouch. While Spencer didn't end up committing in the end, all we can say is thank God these two managed to refrain from procreating.


Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner from the HillsUh, ew. What's with all the Brody Jenner hook-ups? I mean, we all know that LA is such a small town with so few single straight men (oh wait, that's New York), but man is this group incestuous or what? Over the years, the girls have shared plenty of men (like Laguna Beach star Stephen Colletti and the uber-icky Justin Bobby), but Brody is apparently irresistible. Let's count 'em: Lauren Conrad. Check! Audrina Patridge. Check! Kristin Cavallari. Check! And that's in between his non-Hills girlfriends, like Playboy Playmate Jayde, Paris Hilton and former BFF Nicole Richie, and, uh, Avril Lavigne. (Apparently Kristin Cavallari is the only reality TV star in town who doesn't keep tabs on the tabloids.)


Heidi Montag on the Hills

The most outrageous moment on The Hills, of course, had to be the big reveal. After season five wrapped, Heidi Montag decided to go under the knife. And we're not talking just a little nip and tuck here. We're talking brow lift, Botox, nose job (her second), boob job (again, take two!), fat injections in her cheeks and lips, a chin reduction, liposuction on her neck, stomach, hips, and thighs, ears pinned back, and a butt augmentation. It's so bad that when she heads to Colorado to see her mom Darlene, her mom can't even compliment her daughter on her new look. "How do I say that I thought you were more beautiful before?" Darlene says during the Season 6 premiere. "But, yes. I thought you were much more beautiful before. I'm hoping some of this will fade and go away." Uh, not likely. Heidi's said since then that she plans to have more surgery. Can anyone say spin-off? I can see it now.

What are your favorite Hills moments?


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