'Bethenny Getting Married' Recap: The Wedding!

Bethenny FrankelOn Bethenny Getting Married this week,  Bethenny Frankel laughed, cried, peed in an ice bucket, and ... got married. And it was beautiful and moving, and I can't recall many times I've been so happy for someone I don't know.

There were the usual bridal tensions and last-minute freak-outs, though some things were uniquely Bethenny -- namely peeing in an ice bucket when a proper toilet wasn't an option minutes before the ceremony. I'd seen it coming in the previews, but watching it all play out was quite impressive.


Her wedding planner, Shawn Rabideau, who actually helped hold the bucket under her dress while she went, deserves a big tip. A huge tip! (And perhaps his own series on Bravo?)

"I was inches away from her cooch cooch," he said.

But everything else was gorgeous and elegant, and her emotion and appreciation for everything that was happening were contagious. Because she really never thought she'd find true love, never thought she deserved it.

And here she is getting married and having a baby with a guy, Jason Hoppy, who from all accounts appears to be amazing and comes from an incredible family when hers was exactly the opposite.

While for all her success, it's hard to think of Bethenny as an underdog -- on a lot of accounts she is ... or was.

When I watched the first episode of Bethenny Getting Married, I really worried for the future of their marriage, now I'm rooting for it!

I just wonder if they're going to change the title of the show? I hope so because the whole past tense thing is gonna bug me if not.

Did you watch Bethenny Getting Married this week? Did you cry?

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