Emily VanCamp Leaves 'Brothers and Sisters'

emily vancampThe 2010 Emmy Award nominations may be getting all the attention today, but in other TV news: Emily VanCamp is officially leaving the ABC drama Brothers and Sisters and her role as Rebecca.

Most likely this announcement is not so shocking to B & S fans: As VanCamp herself said recently, "Rebecca has run her course." And though rumors are swirling that ABC ended her contract early due to budget cuts, VanCamp insists that the split is mutual and that she welcomes the opportunity to pursue other things.

Hopefully for us VanCamp fans, these "other things" will be more along the lines of Everwood than Brothers and Sisters ... or am I being too harsh?


I became a huge VanCamp fan after watching Everwood and was so devoted that I sat through episode after episode of B & S even though I couldn't stand the show. My problem with it? I loved Justin and Rebecca as "siblings" and just couldn't handle it when they became a couple. And then to drag out their dead-end relationship with their incessant fighting -- it all just became too annoying to watch.

I am a little concerned because VanCamp says in addition to going back for two or three B & S episodes at the beginning of the season, she's working on a Hallmark movie called Let Them Shine. Which sounds exactly like something I don't want to watch but reluctantly will because I like her so much.

Are you sad to see VanCamp leave Brothers and Sisters or do you agree that Rebecca has "run her course"?


Image via ABC

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