'SYTYCD' Top 8: Achilles Takes Out Alex

alex wong sytycdThe biggest story of last night's So You Think You Can Dance was by far the absence of Alex Wong. During rehearsal the previous night, Alex was rehearsing and as he came down from a jump, he hit the floor in agony and was taken to the hospital. It is believed that he may have torn his Achilles tendon (the same injury that kept David Beckham out of the World Cup this year, and will most likely keep him off the field for months to come).

And just like that the best dancer on the whole damn show is probably going to now watch from the sidelines while some fan favorite wins, like that dude Russell Ferguson. Everyone knows that guy was not the best dancer. Yes -- he could krump like nobody's business, but he didn't deserve that crown. Oh hell no.


So in summary -- this sucks.

I love watching that ballerina dude dance. He's amazing. But what can you do?

I'll tell you what you can do. You can turn your head and let Pasha make it all go away.

Is it me or has he gotten hotter and 100 times better than he was on his season? I cannot take my eyes off this guy.

Last night he danced with Lauren. At least I think he did, I can't remember because all I could see were those hips and that shirtless chest of his. Sweet baby Jesus, may clothing never touch that man's torso.

Otherwise, a bunch of kids danced. Some were amazing. Some sucked.

I will say the best dance of the night was Kent and Lauren's contemporary piece choreographed by SYTYCD alum Travis Wall. It was a prom-themed dance, which actually suited both dancers quite well considering their proms were probably about a month ago.

Best new word of the night: Murderation -- courtesy of Mia Michaels. I will try to use this word at least once a day now. It's fabulous.

Quote of the night: "If your spirit dances, your body will follow." -- Mia Michaels

I know, I know -- it's a little gay -- but when you're caught up in the moment of watching these kids dance, a line like that can really stick with you. American Idol can suck it. The real talent is on So You Think You Can Dance.


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