'Big Brother 12' -- Why You Should Watch

big brother season 12Big Brother 12 premieres tomorrow night, prompting people to react with "YES! FINALLY!" ... or "that show's still on?!" I'm here to tell you, not only is it still on, but it's bound to be better than ever.

I've been a loyal Big Brother fan for years -- it's one of the highlights of my summer. And while there have been snooze-worthy seasons here and there, the show gets better each year. So if you're wondering what this show's all about or why on earth you'd watch, I've got your answer!


For starters, one thing Big Brother's got down is casting. Sure, Real World casting is famous for anticipating sex and arrests, but Big Brother's formula ensures drama without being over-the-top. You don't get the sense that people are playing it up for the cameras, just being their genuinely conniving selves.

Secondly, Big Brother is about big twists for the houseguests, and sometimes for viewers as well. Season 5 had identical twins compete as one person, switching places until week 5 when they entered the competition as separate players. Season 8 paired up people who knew each other outside of the house, and each pair believed they were the only ones with the advantage. This season's twist: a saboteur secretly wreaking havoc in the game.

But the best thing about the show is the drama and entertainment that's bound to ensue when a dozen or so people are cut off from the world to compete for $500,000. Alliances form, relationships crop up (sometimes genuine, often fake), people fight ... all while competing in ridiculous challenges requiring physical strength and intellect. Who wouldn't watch?

Here are some of my favorite moments: 

  • The return of Chilltown's Will & Mike Boogie in Big Brother All-Stars. Knowing how notoriously manipulative this duo is, the other all-stars still fell for their mind games, while viewers shook their heads in shock and dismay.
  • Evel Dick ... well, just being evil. His completely heartless ways made me glad he wasn't my father (sorry Danielle) but were entertaining to watch. How he didn't get kicked off for pouring iced tea on somebody's head is beyond me.
  • Chima's expulsion after violating a laundry list of rules, which included refusing to wear her microphone ... then throwing it in the jacuzzi! Even better was the reaction of her alliance. For some reason, Chima quitting -- which is essentially what she did -- was blamed on the other houseguests and she was mourned like a long-lost sister they'd just reunited with. It was bizarre. And terribly entertaining.

I can't wait to see what this season has in store. Who will drive the housemates nuts? What romances and bromances are in store? Who's the saboteur? Find out next time on Big Brother 12.

Will you be watching this season of Big Brother?

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