'The Hills' Recap: How Many Spinoffs Can MTV Swing?

Kristin CavallariThis week on The Hills ... after Kristin Cavallari finally put herself out there with Brody Jenner, telling him she wanted to give things a shot with him, he told her he has a girlfriend.

How when they seemingly hang out nonstop he failed to mention this detail wasn't addressed. Brody remained cool and matter of fact about the whole thing while Kristin appeared heartbroken.

"The guy I love doesn't want me," she tearfully told Lo Bosworth.


Speaking of surprise relationships ... we were officially introduced to Lo's boyfriend of a year -- Scott. Scott asked Lo to move in with him, but she resisted, looking for him to put a ring on it. At every chance she got, she dished relationship advice.

A bit of good advice she had for Kristin: "You can't make Brody Jenner make you feel like an idiot."

See a trend for potential spinoffs brewing here? So far we have Kristin's Search for Love and Lo and Scott: Newlyweds Done Right. Oh, and a possible third: Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Go Wild (I'm assuming Lavigne is the girlfriend to whom Brody referred and am hoping hard that she makes an appearance on the season finale next week).

And just so Stephanie Pratt isn't deemed totally useless as a sidekick on any of the potential spinoff shows (or on The City???), she meets Josh, a motorcycle guy who is channeling Justin Bobby with his scruffy looks and stocking-cap-clad head.

Speaking of Justin Bobby, he can't really just fade into the woodwork after everything, can he? Surely, there's a spinoff spinning somewhere for him? Perhaps he'll have a starring role in The Audrina Show, featuring Audrina Partridge, which is reportedly a go.

And, of course, there's Speidi, who has been noticeably absent from this season of The Hills. While it's been reported that Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port will attend a reunion show after next week's finale, it hasn't been confirmed if Speidi will (please, please, please let them -- bring on the drama!).

But it was the previews for next week's episode of The Hills that really got me because ... it will be the LAST episode of The Hills EVER. And as embarrassed as I should be to admit it, I'm truly sad and will desperately miss this silly little series.

So MTV, any spinoffs you want to push? ... I'm probably in.

Which spinoffs from The Hills would you like to see? Are you as sad as I am that it's ending?


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