'The Bachelorette' Recap: Somehow I'm on Team Vienna Now?

Jake Pavelka and Vienna GirardiOn The Bachelorette this week, it was all about The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and his ex-fiancé Vienna Girardi and their fiery he-said-she-said relationship recount with Chris Harrison.

While what they said wasn't that surprising since it's been leaked since taping, seeing how it all went down made for some damn good television. Perhaps the most shocking part of tonight's episode was how I (and many other blindsided viewers) somehow ended up on Team Vienna.  



I've never liked either of them, but Vienna, I found particularly loathsome during The Bachelor. I was among the millions who couldn't fathom how Jake could choose her and her trashy ways.

As for Jake, I always just found him to be a bit cheesy and prissy but I didn't have any real issues with him ... until tonight when I wanted to slap him and his smug face. I truly felt bad for and believed Vienna about what happened between the two of them.

During the interview, Jake was rude, mean, controlling, smug and demonstrated to the world his serious need for counseling to address his anger management issues. And that's me trying to stay as neutral as possible.

When asked how Vienna "undermined" him (as he repeatedly accused her of doing), he gave the example of her not trusting his driving directions and consulting a GPS. To "make a point" he threw the GPS across the car.

He also didn't like the fact that after he measured for some bedroom furniture, she supposedly remeasured it. The emasculating horror!

Did I mention serious anger and control issues?

It's true that Vienna talked a lot and kept interrupting him, but his answers were so carefully scripted and so unbelievable I would have interrupted him too. And at least she showed some genuine emotion.

The only emotion he showed was extreme anger when he shouted at her.

"Please stop interrupting me!" Jake yelled, shaking his hand in the air.

It was intense. Shortly after that, Vienna ran off the set.

When asked why she ran to the press with all the intimate details (or lack thereof) of their relationship, she said it was because she knew if she didn't, then Jake would do it first and twist things.

And while I don't think that's the whole story and believe she's a fame monger in her own right, there's likely some truth to her claims given his behavior tonight.

So as I ended the episode shocked about my new Team Vienna membership, I questioned if I was swayed because Vienna is just a better actress or because Jake's true colors finally just came out in full force. I suspect it may be a bit of both.

Vienna suggested a lie detector test, which I'd love to see happen.

And oh yeah, the reason we originally tuned in tonight ... The Bachelorette.

This week, during the first hour of the show, Ali Fedotowsky had to decide which four of the five remaining guys got the coveted hometown dates in which she goes to meet their families.

In Portugal, she danced in the street with Roberto, had an uncomfortable two-on-one date with Ty and Frank and went on one-on-one dates with Chris and Kirk. She kept lamenting how serious it was all getting.

In the end, she sent Ty home as she stood doe-eyed in the rain bidding him adieu.

Then the real drama between Jake and Vienna started ...

Who do you think came across as more sympathetic -- Jake or Vienna?


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