'Burn Notice' Recap: Doctors, Drug Dealers & Flirty Killers

Michael Westin in Burn NoticeI have a lot of guilty pleasures (don't we all?), but one of the hardest to admit is my love for Burn Notice. This season has been my favorite so far, partly because the plot is slightly more believable and partly because of the new eye candy -- hello, Coby Bell.

Having a new unpredictable partner is keeping Michael, Sam, and Fiona on their toes, and the rest of us entertained. Last night's episode "Neighborhood Watch" was no exception, especially with a professional killer to catch and drug dealers to run out of town.


Jesse was well-behaved this week as he helped the trio restore peace and order to a community clinic being threatened by drug dealers. After a failed surveillance attempt, a heart-to-heart between Michael and his mom, and lots of gunfire and explosions, the big, bad drug dealer literally ran away from the scene.

Who knew that all you have to do to get rid of a drug dealer is blow up his house and shoot at him? The police should really start watching this show for tips.

Meanwhile, Michael's on the hunt for Kendra, the professional killer whose tape he stole. We still have no idea what's on the tape and only a vague understanding of why it's important, but the cat and mouse game was entertaining nonetheless. It was fun to see Kendra outsmart Michael more than once, though ultimately he caught her after some knife-fighting.

But the highlight of the episode was Fiona's jealousy coming out when Michael was a bit too flirty with the professional killer. Knowing that Fiona would bring new meaning to the "woman scorned" thing made it that much more fun to watch Michael squirm. Now that they've caught Kendra, hopefully we have more of this to look forward to when the show comes back in two weeks.

Do you watch Burn Notice? What did you think of last night's episode?


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