'The Hills' Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

Kristin CavallariOn this week's episode of The Hills, the crew went to Costa Rica. And while the incredible scenery was much more interesting than the clubs and lunches we see over and over (and over ...) in Los Angeles, nothing still really happened.

That doesn't mean it wasn't still enjoyable or that I would have missed a minute of it. But to spice up at least my recap this week, I'm going to give you my quick and dirty top 10 thoughts about this week's episode of The Hills ... in no particular order:

  1. When Kristin Cavallari kissed the lip-ringed bartender, it irritated Brody Jenner, but didn't get a real rise out of him, which tells me he really does think of Kristin as a "little sister" as he told her, repeatedly.  
  2. I used to root for Kristin and Brody to get back together, but I'm kind of over it, as it seems is Brody.
  3. Why in the hell would Justin Bobby just walk by and randomly grab Audrina's ass? Do men think this turns women on?
  4. Speaking of Justin Bobby, during the whole episode I just wanted to rip the stocking cap off of his surely sweaty head. Who the hell wears a stocking cap in Costa Rica?
  5. I want to go to Costa Rica, badly.
  6. Brody and Justin Bobby are good surfers. Surfers are hot, even if they're jerks
  7. Audrina's rebuff of Justin Bobby at the end was about as insincere as they come. They are so getting back together
  8. Stephanie Pratt serves no real purpose on the show.
  9. Why was the water under the waterfall so brown and gross-looking? Shouldn't it have been blue and crystal-clear?
  10. Please bring back Speidi!

What were your thoughts about The Hills this week?


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