'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: A Tease of an Episode!

Danielle StaubSeriously Bravo? That's what we get this week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

All of that build-up for weeks now, and finally we thought it was all going to go down tonight. But it was just a tease, and once again we have to wait ... until July 12?!

That's just mean.

During the entire episode, both sides were pacing like tigers in a cage, ready to pounce at the slightest provocation ... even if they had to be the provoker.

For the most part, it was delusional Danielle Staub who seemed eager to stir things up, looking for any indication that she was being disrespected or dissed.


After learning Kim D. had invited Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita to her Posche fashion show, Danielle was on the warpath. She went to Kim D.'s boutique to confront her and was convinced the employee in the store was out to get her because she dared talk on the telephone when Danielle was in her presence. When the employee raised her finger in nothing more than a just-a-second gesture, Danielle went ballistic.

She is so paranoid and delusional and just flat-out strange it's baffling to watch. I kept waiting for her to break into laughter because she couldn't keep up the act anymore, but the only laughter from her was eerie and scary.

"... and believe me she will miss my money. Ha ha," Staub said with a crazy intensity while talking about not giving Kim D. any more business.

Also, isn't she broke?

So they all ended up at the fashion show -- the Kims, Teresa, and Jacqueline. Danielle, of course, arrived with a bodyguard in tow  -- the younger, hotter Dennis, who was a nice change from ex-con Danny. But still. Really? A bodyguard at a fashion show?

Everything about the fashion show was designed to insult and diss Danielle on purpose ... according to Danielle. So she sat at her table, refused to even look at the runway, called Jacqueline's daughter a "coke whore," and pretended to be on her cell phone as advised by her BFF Paris Hilton.

"Paris Hilton taught me that. Just pretend you're on the phone. It really pisses people off," Staub said with more than a little venom in her voice.

But for all of Danielle's delusions of drama, it was actually Teresa who brought on the confrontation.

Danielle, to her credit, tried to walk away, but Teresa was, in fact, "starting something," as Danielle said in one of her only insightful statements of the season (or ever?).

And then after the whole honey/bitch exchange between the two, we saw a mish mash of police cars and sirens and chaotic previews for what happens next ... which we don't get to see for two weeks.

Like I said: Mean, Bravo.

Did you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey this week? Were you as frustrated by it as I was?

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