'Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami' Recap: Scott is a Sociopath ... or at Least a Jerk

Scott DisickThis week on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Khloe Kardashian is obsessed with interviewing a sociopath for her radio show Khloe After Dark.

During her research -- which includes a jaunt to Chicago to take a look at serial killer John Wayne Gacy's brain -- she starts to realize that Kourtney's husband, Scott Disick, has a lot in common with sociopaths.

And it's pretty funny, because when the sociopath expert lists the traits of a sociopath, they describe Scott to a tee: manipulative, no conscience, a flamboyant dresser, they pick a vulnerable individual.

"You're ringing bells with me," Khloe says.


Then we see all those traits in action as Scott lets loose while Kourtney and Mason are in Chicago with Khloe. Before she left, Kourtney specifically told him she didn't want the DASH girls coming to his club opening.

But guess who he and his friends invite, not just to the club, but to Scott's apartment beforehand? The DASH girls.

After egging on one of his friends to kiss Katy, Scott then calls her a prostitute.

"Her number is on the back of a business card and it says hooker on the front," he yells in front of the crowd.

He offers a weak apology of sorts as Katy cries in the bathroom, obviously not because he's sorry, but because he's afraid of getting in trouble from his wife.

"All you bitches better be at work tomorrow," he says upon leaving.

Kourtney, of course, lets him off way too easy after she finds out what happened, but Khloe isn't willing to let it go and starts attacking Scott in front of his Quick Trim boss, which really pisses him off.

She better sleep with one eye open is all I'm sayin' ... there's clearly something wrong with him.

Did you watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami this week? What do you think is wrong with Scott?


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