Duggars Get Spoofed! Meet the Engvalls & Their 'Kid Farm'

The Engvalls are Jean and Bill (not the comedian) with a family of "give or take" 17 kids. Mom, Jean, marks the days she ovulates on the family calendar and she says that pregnancy is like God painting on her walls.

Kid Farm is a spoof on the Duggars, a hilarious, don't watch this if you have to pee kind of spoof. And if the other word for "cat" that rhymes with tushie (sort of) offends you, then ... well, you shouldn't watch. Your loss.

Starring Pete Holmes and Jamie Lee, Kid Farm is comic genius. What had me cracking up the most was ....

  • Of course the tushie rhyme.
  • The bus riding in a circle to get to home school.
  • Jean saying how "food doesn't grow on trees."
  • Picassi. OMG! Picassi!
  • The confusion on the kids' names and who is who.
  • Scheduling time to talk to each child, but then only saying heartless catchphrases to them.
  • The cousin, who is going to hell, but loves stopping by because it makes her own life seem better.
  • JP aka Jeep.
  • BJ aka Beej.
  • The very kinky hand holding. Handjob shall we say?

I don't know about you, but I want to watch more and more!

What do you think of the Engvalls?

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