'Memphis Beat' Premiere: Did You Watch?

Memphis BeatA crime show about a rebellious cop with a go-by-the-rules boss ... haven't I heard that storyline before?

Which is precisely why I didn't tune in to the last night's premiere of Memphis Beat.


Plus, the guy is obsessed with Elvis (how very stereotypical -- well done, writers), and it was actually filmed in New Orleans. And I always see Jason Lee as "Earl," no matter what role he plays. I'm not sure I would be able to get past that.

But these things aside, the show got really good reviews. Hmm ... maybe my predetermined judgments were wrong. Though if it does turn out to be a hit series, we can probably bet that it will be cancelled after this season. Isn't that what happens to all good TV shows?

Did you watch Memphis Beat's premiere? What did you think of it?


Image via TNT.com

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