'Bachelor' Jake and Vienna Split. Is Anyone Surprised?

The Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi breakup comes three months after Jake supposedly chose the woman he would spend "... the next 60 years with."

Tenley must be practicing her "I told you so" face right about now.

After accusations of deception, Vienna became one of the least liked ladies on the history of The Bachelor. But Jake bet it all on that white hot intensity he claimed to have with her as the more reasonable choice, Tenley, didn't give him that dirty sex with a stripper vibe.


Here's the problem with The Bachelors: They don't want to get married. They want to be fawned over by hot girls. They want to be fought over, to have access to sex on demand, but they do not want to get married. Even when there was a wedding, it was fraught since Molly was actually the second choice!

For the audience to get the fairy tale ending, The Bachelor needs to start looking for a guy who is more serious about commitment than his hair products.


Did you think Jake and Vienna were going to make to their Golden Anniversary?

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