'The Bachelorette' Rumors: Who Has a Girlfriend? (You Won't Believe It!)

Justin from the BacheloretteRumors have been swirling all season that one of the guys from The Bachelorette has a girlfriend.

But wait, now there are supposedly two guys that might have girlfriends.

Drama, drama, drama -- I love it!


The first is the sleazeball Justin aka "Rated R" who is more interested in eliminating the weakest links (poor pitiful Kasey) than actually getting to know Ali. So it doesn't come as a shock to hear that he has a girlfriend back in Toronto ... who he's cheating on with another girl in Toronto. The girlfriend was cool about him going on the show to skyrocket his wrestling career, but went nuts after finding out how he had been cheating on her. Supposedly, that's the phone call that you saw Ali receive in the previews for next week.

But the second one is a bit more unexpected. Supposedly Frank has a girlfriend back in Geneva, Illinois. Frank, say it ain't so! He was my favorite (what can I say, those geeky glasses just did something for me), and I refuse to believe that this rumor is true. But then I did some Facebook stalking research and came across a few interesting posts on his Facebook fan wall: 

ABC is so cruel to have forcefully extended your time period on the show just for their own ratings. Guess it's the reality of these shows. Best of luck with your current girl though!

Frank wanted to tell Ali the truth long before the overnight date in Tahiti, but the producers wouldn ’t let him do so. Why? Because it is more dramatic for something like this to take place closer to the finale; especially right before the overnight dates. It’s a shoo-in for the show’s ratings. This makes me question the authenticity of the show altogether!

Either way, I really like Frank. I am not swayed by this ratings scandal. He is a stand-up guy with wicked charisma and a huge heart. Life and love happens!

We found out in last night's episode that Frank had moved to Europe with a girl he was deeply in love with (as stated in his sappy love poem), and I'm wondering if that's the same girl and she's just not as much of an ex as we were led to believe.

But it can't be true! My little naive heart isn't going to believe it. It just has to be the producers trying to fire up some drama ... right?

Poor Ali.

Do you think Frank could possibly have a girlfriend? Are you surprised that Justin has one (er, two)?


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