'American Idol' Lowers Minimum Age -- Which Probably Won't Make a Difference

American IdolThe American Idol producers know that they're going to have to shake things up for next season as they attempt to continue sans Simon Cowell.

Their first order of business: lowering the minimum age.


Okay, so it may not be that ground-breaking. They're going from 16 to 15 years old as a minimum so that they can include all the future Biebs and Mileys out there.

*Scrape, scrape* Wait, what's that sound? That would be the sound of the producers scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. I'm thinking they're going to have to come up with something a lot better than that to keep the show afloat.

And don't the finalists usually get cars? That'd suck to be 15, win a car, and then have to wait a year before you can even drive it as the bright shiny-ness taunts you and your competitors are rolling around town in theirs.

Will this make a difference in the post-Simon era? Do you think a 15-year-old could win American Idol?


Image via AmericanIdol.com

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