'SYTYCD' Recap: Dizzy Feet and Crushed Dreams


On the first elimination night of SYTYCD season 7, we got good news and bad news: Dizzy Feet Foundation is celebrating National Dance Day on July 31, Justin Bieber premiered his new video ... and Alexie was sent home.



This is the fourth time that Alexie has tried out for the show, so it was a little heartbreaking to see her be the first to leave. Announcements haven't been made yet about the SYTYCD tour they usually do featuring the top 10. Since this year had a top 11, will they include her? Top 11 just doesn't have the same ring to it.

After the bottom three (which also included Melinda and Cristina) danced for their lives, the judges deliberated while so-so performances hit the stage to divert our attention.

Usher performed, as well as the leads from the Broadway show Come Fly Away. Both were mediocre (is it really polite to be chomping on gum while you perform?) and, of course, the squealing girls were set off when Biebs' new video, "Somebody to Love," premiered. I can't allow myself to hop on the Bieber bandwagon, so I refuse to be opinionated on it.

Nigel announced July 31 as Dance Day for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which he co-founded to help provide top-quality dance education to under-privileged children. Tabitha and Napoleon will choreograph a dance for all to learn and post it online, and then we all will shake our booties.

Did you think Alexie deserved to be eliminated? What'd you think of the performances?

Image via Fox.com

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