'Housewives' Alex McCord's Nude Photos Aren't Sexy But Kelly Bensimon's Are?

alex mccord photoOn last night's third installment of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Alex McCord how she felt about the fact that all the women this season accepted Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel posing naked -- when Alex herself received so much flak when her own nude photos surfaced on the Internet in 2008.

Not surprisingly it was Jill Zarin -- not Alex -- who rudely weighed in on the issue at hand ...


When Alex tried to answer the question, saying that, yes, she was the first Housewife to pose nude, Jill cut her off, arguing that her photos were "quite different," in that Alex posed "spread-eagle in the lobby" of her "husband’s hotel."

Jeez, Jill. How do you really feel? Why don't you just save us from having to read in between the lines and call her trash like we know you want to?

Admittedly, Kelly's nude photos for Playboy and Bethenny's for PETA were much more, uh, produced, which could be a reason why these two women were celebrated for their photos and Alex was scorned. Also, some reports say that the cast members were uncomfortable that Alex's photos were shot so soon after she gave birth to her son.

But it's weird, right? The other cast member accuse Kelly for having contradictions when they seem all over the place when it comes to this issue.

Why do you think Kelly and Bethenny were praised for their nude photos when Alex was ridiculed?

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