'The Real Housewives of NY' Reunion Part 3: Where's the Compassion?

Real Housewives of NY ReunionFor most of the third and final installment of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion, I expected taping to stop, and professionals to come in and intervene with help for Kelly Bensimon.

It didn't happen, and while I don't think Kelly's claims of systematic bullying had any legs before, I thought this part of the reunion at least bordered on being mean and insensitive to the needs of a woman with serious mental problems.


But instead of offering help of any kind, the other housewives just continued to berate Bensimon. Kelly sat by twirling her hair and uttering meaningless ramblings as the other ladies rolled their eyes and kept telling her she was crazy -- to her face.  

"This is not a normal person," Bethenny Frankel said after Kelly stormed off in the beginning of the episode. "It's like talking to Humpty Dumpty. She just makes up whatever she wants to say. She's going to tell me that she's an African-American Asian woman. "

How's that kind of attitude going to help? Granted they were defending themselves from her verbal allegations, but still.

It was revealed that Bravo made Kelly leave "Poison Island" where all the drama went down, and a producer escorted her home. At last, I thought, Bravo is making some attempt to help her.

Then Bravo showed the tape of all her "contradictions."

She doesn't eat processed foods, but likes gummy bears; she's modest, but poses for Playboy; she wears fur, but supports PETA. All true; all entertaining to see in clips. But how is shoving her "crazy" behavior in her face and demanding she explain it as you sit back rolling your eyes at one another going to help?

Kelly tried to defend herself, but basically said she likes to be different people on different days and made no sense at all as she attempted to explain beyond that.

"Just celebrate who I am," she told them.

Call me crazy, but if the women truly believe what they repeatedly say (and all of us seemingly witness) about Kelly's fragile mental state, then it seems there should have been a lot more compassion and a whole lot less cattiness.

What did you think about the final episode of The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion?

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