'The Hills' Recap: Bring Back Speidi Already!

Kristin CavallariIt was a pretty tame episode of The Hills this week, bordering on boring. I never thought I'd request more Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, but I repeatedly found myself hoping they'd show up just to spice things up ... kind of the way there's that little part of you that wants a tight-rope walker to fall, even though you know you shouldn't. 

At one point, I thought Heidi was there, but it just turned out to be Kristin Cavallari with teased hair. Was I the only one who thought she strongly resembled Montag (with smaller boobs) in the final scenes?


Regardless, the rest of the show was more of the same that we've seen the past few weeks. Newly reinvigorated villain Allie Lutz continues to vie for McKaela 's attention while Team Kristin continues to slam the girl for her alleged break in at Brody's and for her general existence.

Ryan Cabrera and Justin Bobby finally meet in an uncomfortable jumble in which JB shakes Audrina's hand (so awkward!). When Ryan and Audrina abruptly depart he tries to shake Ryan's hand, but Ryan refuses saying he only gives high fives and awkwardly slaps Justin's fist.

Later Audrina and Ryan have a talk about their problems. "If we caught each other at the wrong time, we need to figure it out. It's your life," Ryan tells Audrina, who later is in tears at his concert and has to leave.

Based on that and the previews, it appears the end is near for Ryan and Audrina.

McKaela just can't let go of Brody and continues to pursue and pester him. Allie gets involved and in Kristin's face. Brody takes Kristin's side and tells her "I'll always have your back" and takes her home.

Like I said, we could use some Speidi spice.

Were you as bored by this week's episode of The Hills as I was?


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