'The Bachelorette': Justin Hops to Ali on the Wrong Foot?

Last week on The Bachelorette, entertainment wrestler Justin ("Rated R") proved his devotion to Ali Fedotowsky by sneaking up to her mansion to surprise her. It was an admirable feat to be sure -- especially because Justin sported a cast on his right foot. Or was it his left?

Here, we see him hobbling up the driveway, and the cast is on his right foot.

the bachelorette justin foot

But in the very next shot ...


 ... his left foot is the one in the cast.

the bachelorette justin foot

Huh? What gives, ABC?

Grumpy critics are using this as an opportunity to complain about the reality TV show's authenticity, arguing that the whole thing, including the cast and injury, is scripted. But fans are defending the show, saying that image was simply mirrored -- a common camera trick used to make the shot look better. The proof? In addition to the cast, his watch and tattoo also "switch sides."

Whatever the explanation, it's clear The Bachelorette might benefit from some better editing.

To see Justin's entire journey up the hill, start watching around 40:05.

What do you think? What's going on with Justin's appendage?

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