The Bachelorette: Body Confidence Tips From Me to Her

red lipstick
Ali Fedotowsky gained 15 pounds during and after filming The Bachelorette, according to Us Weekly. Now sources from the show reveal what packed on the pounds: "They'd retape scenes, so all she did was eat and drink. After the show wrapped, she binged while unwinding with her family."

I have to say, I think Ali looks great, bright, and healthy! Of course reading about her alleged weight gain in celebrity magazines has her feeling insecure -- now she feels like she has to lose weight.


According to a source, she's eating a lot of egg whites, calorie-counting, and running galore. I've been there myself. I'm talking about body snarking -- it hurts and my go-to cure was always to eat a lot less and exercise a lot more.

When I had my son, who turns 3 this summer, something happened and I stopped caring so much about my imperfect body because it was the perfect home for my baby for nine months. Of course, self-affirming that my body was a temple didn't always work wonders, so I also turned to my body confidence tips:

1. Get real: Instead of looking at women who graced the covers of fashion magazines, I started to admire women in the real world. I smiled at moms at the pool, who when they bent over had a soft pudge of belly protruding -- I did too! The more I looked at these bodies sans air-brushing, the better I felt about my own.

2.  Wave bye-bye to flaws: I admitted to myself that I don't like my ankles -- no matter how much I exercise, they always look a little thick. Acknowledging this out loud was kind of like setting the flaw free. I don't think about it anymore. I think about the things on my body I adore -- like the feminine bump on my nose.

3. Be sexy: Whenever I feel down or self-conscious, I smear on some red lipstick. It instantly brightens up my face and screams, "I'm here, I'm happy, and look at me!"

Please share some of your tips and thoughts on Ali's alleged weight gain.

Image via Nawful Nur/Flickr

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