'Real Housewives' Should NOT Think

Teresa Giudice
Photo from bravotv.com
According to Teresa Giudice, the cast of The Real Housewives shows should not think, they should just speak.

"We literally are not supposed to think, we're supposed to speak. In real life, with your friends and neighbors, you edit yourself," she posted on her blog, Teresa's Take, on People.com. " You might think, "Ho bag!" in your head, but in the Real Housewives World, on camera, you are expected to say it out loud. That's the whole point of the show. People can't read our minds, so we talk. And we talk a lot."


Not that anyone has ever accused them of being the most thoughtful bunch of women ... And I'm thinking the whole not thinking thing may explain some of her financial woes. No?

She says they must be doing their jobs well, because ratings are high. "New Jersey has higher ratings than New York City, by the way," she points out.

She also asked her fans to take the high road and not threaten other members of the cast. Though not named, obviously, she's referring to Danielle Staub.

"I ask my fans to please not threaten or hate on anyone else — even the Housewives I don’t care for or that are mean to me," Giudice continued. "I have no problem calling those women out myself! And I would probably have the same women over for dinner. But for you to defend me and have someone personally attack you or your children — or your picture on Facebook or your comments on a blog — is uncool."

Somehow, I don't see her inviting Danielle over for dinner anytime soon, but oh how I wish she would. I could really use another table-flipping scene.

Do you think the Housewives should do a little more thinking?

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